Ecosystem Check In Nov 19, 2021

Ecosystem Community Check In

Hello again! :wave:

Hopefully everyone is keeping well as we’re nearing this holiday season.

ICYMI: Our GraphQL Global ID Migration is complete!

Details in our official blog, are here. Which include details for:

  • Why is this necessary?
  • Do I need to do anything?
  • How do I migrate my service?

Thanks to the conversation in this thread, our dev team has resolved to assist with any questions regarding the bulk operations.

Coming Soon :tm:

As I mentioned in my very first update here that we would more directly address the concerns of rendering various notebooks in our UI. And while I blinked, one of our engineering staff kindly let us know that we’ll be shipping an updated service to address these concerns:

While this update is brief, I can tell you with confidence, that the decisions that needed to be made not only about the service that processed rendering requests, but the infrastructure that hosts that service, needed extensive consideration. And I know from the threads here that our data science users will be pleased with the outcome, once it’s released.

We only have the rough ETA that @mgenglder mentioned, but it’s very exciting!

Ta for now, and I am wishing everyone well as we near the winter season.

Ps. If you have any requests about the type of information we share in these updates, let me know! Happy to hunt down the folks with the info we’re missing to help elevate it to ya’ll.