Ecosystem Check In Dec 10, 2021

Hey everyone :wave:

Back again to try to thread that needle between: the blog, and documentation. Hoping to elevate relevant information for ya’ll, as I’ve seen it. Though often times, there are updates coming down the pipe, that I’m not allowed to share. There are always cool things happening bts of GitHub, and definitely in this space. Especially when new products like Codespaces, or new features for say Actions, typically have their own REST and/or GraphQL APIs actively in development.

Regarding Codespaces API

So if you use Codespaces already, or if you’re still waiting to use it, you may or may not be aware that there is a fairly extensive, existing, public API:

And while I’m not going to break down what’s available, I do want to express that there are neat upcoming endpoints and enhancements to the API for Codespaces, on the way! We are currently in the process of speccing out additional endpoints which will be very useful for Organizations hoping to programatically manage their internal user’s Codespaces activity. Which will ultimately help save some $$$, when considering large quantities of usage.

Look for this, soon :tm:

And if you folks have any suggestions for additional endpoints, or improvement ideas for existing endpoints with Codespaces, check out the Discussions space, here:

Regarding Actions API

Similarly to Codespaces, Actions also has an exstensive REST API availalbe, which is receiving active development alongside the product itself. Documentation is here:

There have been comparisons between features of Actions and Azure DevOps, but also true for their available APIs. We have some upcoming additions to Actions that will have RESTful development tracks in the coming months, that I’m sure foks will appreciate. Both that aide us in matching API functionality that Azure has, but also endpoints to allow programatic control and access to unreleased Actions features.

All: coming soon :tm:

We are nearing the end…

…of 2021. And while we’re nearing a slower part of the year, I would love to hear from you! Is there any particular topic, that hasn’t received love, that you would love to have answered? Have you noticed anyone being particularly awesome, or perhaps someone needing help, in this space?

Let’s boost them!

Let’s get the kudos to the folks that deserve it, and the answers to questions needing extra love.

If we gain any traction, I just might be able to score some swag from our team before these holidays really kick in.