ECG data formats Converter

Hi folks,
I have a school project about ECG and the main topic is ECG data formats conversion, I need a help in solving that, preferably something built in C#.
anyone could give a hand and help me in solving that,
Hight appreciation from my side
Thank you in advance

Assuming that you use “ECG” to represent “electrocardiogram” instead of something else, there are apparently 9 different formats available. Which format(s) do you need to handle?

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thanks for your answer,
I’d like to find a way to convert hl7 aecg, dicom, scp to a json format and then convert it to the one of the aforementioned formats

searching (the search box in the upper-left corner) for “HL7 AECG”, I find this.

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Pal, that’s looks good
will let you know if I reach the desired solution
Thanks a lot