EACCES error mac

I’m using a mac and when i try to open the application paladium, i have this error

[Error: EACCES: permission denied, open '/Users/leonmazet/Library/Application Support/.paladium/runtime/x64/jre1.8.0_51.jre/Contents/Home/COPYRIGHT'] {
  errno: -13,
  code: 'EACCES',
  syscall: 'open',
  path: '/Users/leonmazet/Library/Application Support/.paladium/runtime/x64/jre1.8.0_51.jre/Contents/Home/COPYRIGHT'

I searched on few posts but commands don’t work

(i have no experience about code, and i’m french be kind :slight_smile: )

You have an owner / security disconnect with the files installed. For starters, you might try running your program as root (“sudo”). Second, look at the files in the installation directory and see who is the owner.  

As to the specifics of how to do that on a Mac, I’m afraid I cannot help.