Dynamically change name property of workflow

Currently our deploy flows have something like:
- name: Deploy all sites
- name: Start account deploy

I would like to (dynamically) change the name to something so that people recognize their own job when we use a Github Action.
For example change it to Deploying 3 sites to account xyz inside of the action, based on input parameters, or just through a script in the workflow, etc.
The workflow would start as “Deploy all sites”, and soon as more context is known, swap out the name for something with more information.

This would help us find the correct action, currently I have hundreds of “Deploy all sites” workflows (all inside of the main branch) from different people (all starting using the same bot) and it’s hard to find right one.


This also makes me sad that I have hundreds of same name manually triggered worksflows. Any update on this issue?

I am also facing a very similar challenge, wherein I am using a repository dispatch to trigger other workflows and all of the workflows are named similarly