Dynamic matrix re-run all jobs causing duplicate jobs to appear

I’m using a dynamic matrix and I think this is causing duplicates to show up on the left sidebar when I use “Re-run all jobs”. Here’s an image to illustrate:

As you can see, “Group 1” was cancelled by fail-fast. When I used “Re-run all jobs” it caused a duplicate set of groups to appear. How can I avoid this?


This is a known UI issue similar to that reported in this earlier topic:

I had created an issue ticket (actions/runner#742) to report the problem to the appropriate engineering team for further investigation and evaluation.

you can follow the issue ticket and add your comments to it.


I was able to fix this issue and I think I know what’s going on.

In my original dynamic matrix I had group index and group files. The way my workflow was configured, the files were always shuffled before using set-output… so even if I had the same number of groups they would refer to a different set of files. I think this is what caused the duplicates to appear.

The fix was to separate them into two dynamic matrixes. I use the group index matrix as the matrix for my dependent jobs. Then I would set the group files matrix (which is a json string) as an environment variable. Finally, I use jq and the group index to pluck out the correct group files.

Hope that makes sense.


Glad that the problem has been solved.
And thanks for sharing your experience, this may be helpful to other people who have the similar problems.

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