Dynamic default value for action inputs

Hi, is it possible to provide dynamic default values to action inputs, when defining an action file in action.yaml?

name: '...'
description: '...'
    description: '...'
    required: true
    default: 'parametric default value here?'

ie. similar to how we provideenv or secrets variables as ${{ secrets.A_SECRET }} to these inputs in our workflow files, would that be possible to specify a parametric input on the action definition file instead?

Thank you!

Hi @aslisabanci

Dynamic default value is NOT supported for the event input. It should be hardcoded with string format.

As doc mentioned:


Optional A string representing the default value. The default value is used when an input parameter isn’t specified in a workflow file.


Okay then, I already was using the string defaults but wanted to see if there’s any other way around this.
Thanks for your answer!