Drought Prediction using Machine Learning

@MuthukumaranVgct , I am doing a project on drought prediction using machine learning for my course project in B.Tech. I have found some relevant datasets for the same from the years 1901-2015.

However I am having trouble finding existing information on droughts during those years to use as a target variable to train my model. As you have already done some projects on Drought Prediction, I would like to know how you managed to find the information regarding droughts.

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You can get information on indicators and indices fro the link below:


Next you should know which type of drought and what indices yo would like to use. There is also the question of the spatial and temporal resolution of your data. Take that into account.

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Even i am working on the same project .Can you please share the link of dataset .Im not able to get any dataset

Hi Adithya,

I too am looking at one such project. Can u point me to the source of the dataset or share me the dataset.


I hope this link helps.

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