Dreaming of a Team to Code Open Source Apps for People with Intellectual Disabilities

I am the parent of a high functioning young adult with Down Syndrome. I am not a coder or technical person at all, but I believe there are apps that could be developed to help high functioning people with intellectual disability function more independently.

I would love to connect with people who would volunteer to create specialized apps to serve this group of people with very specialized needs. They need apps that are easy to read/understand, have simple menus, and provide more protection against predators than typical apps for people without intellectual disabilities… and yet it is important that the apps not appear childish. High functioning adults with intellectual disability are often sensitive to materials that were produced for children and are repurposed to them.

Is this the kind of place where I might find people who would collaborate to make open source apps that would be free of charge for people with intellectual disabilities? Can open source projects be installed as apps?

I’m thinking that perhaps there are coders out there who also have loved ones with intellectual disability who might see the value of creating apps for this special population. Am I at the right place?

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