Draft Pull Requests not available?

Hi @tpict,

Is the repository currently public or private?


It’s a private repository.

@tpict, draft pull requests are not available for private repositories using legacy plans. You can either make the repository public or move to a different pricing plan to gain access to draft pull requests. 

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It’s just frustrating that we had access to the draft PRs feature long enough for it to become part of our team’s workflow, and now it’s gone


Typical Microsoft :expressionless: legacy, enterprise, pro, and so on. nonsense :yawning_face:

2 years later and I’m still having the same issue, except I’m on a free account and using a public repository. Anyone know what’s going on here?

I pay for a GitHub Pro account and want to open a draft PR in a private repo. How come this feature is not available to me?

I dont understand what all this is about?
GH changed owners and new owners changed plans/features available in each plan… that was their right.

Now, you ( as a customer ) have every opportunity to get to know what each plan offer ( there is clear comparison page; side-by-side ) before you decide.
Also, in the account settings, you are free to upgrade to higher/downgrade to lower pricing/feature plan…

Its always good to create free acount and upgrade ( if needed/desired ) later-on…