Download zip for any older point in the history -> page not found

this is my first post here, so apologies for not selected any category, I don’t know where it actually belongs.
Anyway, here is my issue:
if I browse my repository (which is a forked one) to any older time (by showing the commits) and I try to download the ZIP file corresponding to that older point in the history I get a new page with:
404: Not Found
How can I solve the problem?
Thank you in advance.

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HI @stevstrong, welcome to the community
In response to an earlier question today for something that sounds similar/the same I also did some tests, see link below

Hi @byrneh , thanks for the reply.
if that is not possible, then how can I recover a complete state of an earlier point of the repository?
I am also using Github for Desktop (Win 10), but is not immediately obvious how to do that.

Btw, this action was possible for a while ago, as also illustrated by this link: How to Check Out a Previous Version from GitHub Repository « RAYSHOBBY.NET. Why was this feature removed?

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You can check out any commit using the Git command line:

git checkout <commit>

I don’t know what the exact button for that is in GitHub Desktop, but I’m sure the option exists. After all, switching between different states of the repository is one of the core features of Git.

Thanks, that works, even if a bit cumbersome, you have to first get the correct hash number.

But I still do not understand why the ZIP download option was removed from web-Github.
And Github for Windows has no option which would do that. I can only open a command window to enter the command you specified. Well, it is not quite “user-friendly”.

As you say, it seems to be one of the core features, so I really do not understand why is this so cumbersome and not supported by an easier method.
I would expect a bit more support form Github in this direction.

Meanwhile I got reply from Github support acknowledging that this is definitely a bug and they are working on it.

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Hi, I got an update from support advising the fix has rolled out to and example that was not working before for me now works.

Give it a try again to see if it now works for you also.