Download repository of wireless vibration sensor in android application after clicking a button

Hi, I am working on an android application in which for the first start I am trying to test the Wireless Vibration transmitter sending data to Arduino through mesh module connected with it. And then to the ESP32 device and at a similar stage, I am using the wireless temperature sensor which is sharing the data to my gateway modem further connected to the esp32 device which is sharing the data to web Application working with BLE services.

But the point is I want to import the files from Github repository to my Arduino(through wifi enable activity in ESP32) or to my android application in which application download the function codes mentioned in the repository by just clicking on a button. I am trying to work as per my sufficiency, if anyone worked on this kind of useful solution please give your expert advice.

@jemma43, your message is quite difficult to comprehend, so I really doubt I can offer any advice. You should explain more about what the wireless vibration transmitter is, and how the system you mentioned is using Bluetooth.