Download repository button embedded on my website

My idea is to create two buttons on my website page about a project posted on github.
First - a standard button linking to github respository.
Another one named - download from github - that would be actually downloading repository on one click, to make it faster and easier for some users.
Although I can’t find any information if this is against github terms of service or not.
So please tell me, if this is fine.

:wave: Welcome!

Generally speaking, it should be fine to create buttons that link to a GitHub repository and to a direct download of the repository’s content.

Please note, however, that GitHub is not in a position to prescreen content and as such cannot review whether your product or actions would violate any of our policies or guidelines.

Should we receive a report about your content, we will review it at that time to determine if a violation has occurred.

Thank you for your answer. If it should be fine to create a direct download button of repository as well as linking to that repository next to it, it should not be any problem with violation policies than.