Download repo without root folder

How can i download a github repo without the folder that comes with him?

Could you explain what you’re trying to do? If you want to download a file at it’s current state you can do that over the web interface, but if you want to use git you will need a directory to house your local copy of the repository.

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I want to clone the repo as .zip (I know how to do that) but without the root folder. Example of what GitHub does:
͏͏͏░└The files in the repo

Example of what I want:
͏͏͏└The files in the repo


git clone {url}

Is that what you need?

from where i execute that?

cmd or powershell, for windows.
terminal for linux etc

i must download something? it says git is not a command. if it helps i am triying it with npm and js

Download git

is there any way to import this to js or npm?