Download of actions on “Set up” job is failing. Throwing 503's

Seems like there is a problem with Github Actions? But Github Status pages show everything is normal. Is anyone facing the same issue? Can someone please help me out here?


I think this is a global problem on GitHub ATM. Even though their status page isn’t showing it.


phew I didn’t screw up my repo lol. Same here
edit: finally showing up on the status page

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Lol, that’s kinda comforting! I thought I messed up my repo

Yes I’m having the same issue across different builds.

All the actions URLs resolve to which is throwing angry unicorns at everyone.

Having the same issue, worse is we need to put something to production today.

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My night shouldn’t have ended like this. :smiley:

Early morning here! Bad start to the day :slightly_frowning_face:

Jobs are working again; able to checkout repos.