Download lab files az-103 and others

I am MCT and new on GitHub. I would like to download AZ-103 labs to my computer and then be able to deploy them to the students but I do not see how I can download them from
The same for the lab files needed to do the lab.
I am planning to get more expertise on Azure and I need to find how to do these things as quickly as possible as I usually do using the MS Download Center.
Thanks in advance

AZ-103 is a github repository. What you want to do is download the repository as a ZIP and you’ll get everything in it, including the lab files.

The repository is at . Over on the right-hand side you’ll see a green button. Click that, and you’ll get the option to download as ZIP:


Click on “Download ZIP” and you’ll download the full repository as a ZIP file. Inside that will be folders for the lab files and instructions.


Thank you!!

I can see that the labs files come in .md format and the text format disappear, (bold. Underline, headers….)

Is there a way to maintain the format to be read more clearly?