Download from Github Package Registry without authentication

Was it published to a private repository? The token auto-deletion only happens for public repos.

Hi @jcansdale

It was published to a few public repositories. Here are some of them:


I made a gradle plugin: GitHub - 0ffz/gpr-for-gradle: Gradle plugin for adding maven repos on Github Packages in one line to aid with this a while back, though I was trying to fix up some not-so-clean Groovy syntax because I’m unfamiliar with Groovy and chose to write it in Kotlin.

Either way, it makes adding a package repo a one-liner but you dont get to customize it much if you’re using Groovy. The syntax looks like this:

repositories {
    maven githubPackage.invoke("owner/repo")

Apparently PATs have a ratelimit of 5000 requests/h, so I’d really appreciate if someone could help out with getting Groovy extensions working so people using this could easily link their own PAT for their projects. In the worst case scenario, it sends a detailled message explaining how to set up your own PAT locally.