Download-artifact doesn't find existing artifact

I have a problem with a scheduled job.

I prepare some data, do some actions and save a portion of the data content as an artifact (actions/upload-artifact@v2).
On the next run of the workflow I recover the data (actions/download-artifact@v2) and do something and again save a modified version of the data (actions/upload-artifact@v2).

The problem I’m having is that apparently I’m saving the modified version of the data correctly, but on the next run the download-artifact reports “Unable to find any artifacts for the associated workflow”. While I can see it on the artifacts of the workflow.

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The documentation on Downloading artifacts during a workflow run says this:

The actions/download-artifact action can be used to download previously uploaded artifacts during a workflow run.

Note: You can only download artifacts in a workflow that were uploaded during the same workflow run.

So you can’t access artifacts from previous workflow runs using actions/download-artifact. You could check if the API lets you look at previous workflow runs and their artifacts.


Oh, I missed it from the documentation of the action itself. Thanks @airtower-luna .
Will try accessing it through the API, which indeed allows to look and get artifacts.
There is already an action that does what I wanted: download-workflow-artifact