Doubt about use of APIs of Google Maps

i need to use APIs of Google Maps and integrate all in my website java-based

  1. At first, i need a method for estimate the Maps’s position by the simple address. Is possible via API google maps V.3 ? Where i can find the API? Is open source or i need to pay a fee?

  2. At second, i want to show in a private webpage, the position of my cellphone in real time. Do you think that is possible?

Thank you in advance for the help.


Welcome to the GitHub Community @sviluppo88! I believe you can use the Google Maps JavaScript API to show (address-based) locations on a webpage. You’ll have to sign up to use the APIs with Google, which you can do here (click the blue button in the top-right corner). You’ll need a valid credit card for this to work. Usage of the API is free up to a certain point, which you are not likely to ever reach if you’re using it personally or within a small business. Please do make sure to restrict your API keys as described in this article to prevent abuse and possibly a bill.

As for the cellphone-part of your question, I imagine you could write or use some application to regularly send location updates to a server which can display them on the private webpage.