Double Actions - Github App webhook

I’m currently using a Github App with the following permission/event setup:

Repository Permissions:

Contents: Read & Write
Issues: Read & Write
Metadata: Read Only
Pull Requests: Read Only
Commit statuses: Read & Write

Organization permissions all No access

User permissions:

Email addresses: Read Only

Subscribe to events:

  • Public
  • Pull request
  • Push
  • Repository

But my very annoying issue is github seems to be sending the webhook for "action":"created" & "action":"deleted" twice when i install the app to my account & repo’s.

Both verified signatures with webhook secret key.
Both are almost identical in content the only difference being:

  • app_slug present in 2nd
  • requester:null in 2nd

Obviously i can go around this by checking if either of them are present but that isn’t very useful for long term etc.

Is there something wrong in my setup or did i miss something in the docs ??

Finally discovered why, after looking through every inch of the docs i found that they differ in ‘event’ header one being integration_xyz (a deprecated event).

Ref (first note):