Dotfiles not cloned

I’ve configured a codespace to load dotfiles from my own dotfile repo using the following setting:

"dotfiles.installCommand": "~/.dotfiles/"
"dotfiles.repository": ""  
"dotfiles.targetPath": "~/.dotfiles"

but when the codespace start, even after re-creating a new one, I don’t see the repository being cloned and my files copied in my home folder.

Hi @lburgazzoli! Those settings only apply to VS Codespaces, where you have to manually configure dotfiles. In GitHub Codespaces, dotfiles are configured by convention and applied automatically. In order for the dotfiles to be picked up, they need to be stored in a repo named dotfiles. The repo also has to be public currently.

If you rename your repo to dotfiles, it should automatically apply to future Codespaces. Hope that helps!

understood, thank you very much