Dot Net Core with real time systems

I’m developing an IoT application that collects electrical power data and events (which occurs in few milliseconds), I’m using .NET Core on Raspbian OS.

My question: Is there any concerns should considered for Timing (process real time data without losing)

For a time-sensitive application like yours you should probably focus on using an RTOS (Real-time operating system) instead:

Thanks tajmone,
How can I use RTOS with .net core on Raspberry Pi ? there is no documentations about that (all documentations talking about Raspbian-OS or Windows IoT-OS.

There are various RTOS that can run on a Raspberry Pi to choose from, but I don’t know whether they support .NET Core or not (probably not, but you’ll have to check this for the various OSs available for the Raspberry Pi models you’re targetting).

My suggestion was more focused on adopting an OS which is dedicated to task of real-time sensitive tasks, putting the programming language in second place. From the description of your project, it seems like an RTOS might be better for handling real time data gathering.

Microsoft is also pushing RTOSs, so chances are that .NET might be available for some: