Domain's DNS record could not be retrieved

If I save my custom domain in github, the above notification comes again and again.
I have added 4 ip addresses of github to A records of my domain and I have added my github page url to CNAME. Yet why do I get this notification !! If anyone knows the solution to this problem, please help me with information.

Can you post the domain you’re trying to use with Pages so we can take a look at what’s going on? It would also be helpful if you can post a screenshot of your domain’s DNS settings.

Sometimes this issue can be caused by Nameservers not being set correctly, other DNS A or CNAME records being present on the domain, or DNS proxies like Cloudflare. I’d double check there’s no extra DNS A or CNAME records set on the exact domain you’re using with your Pages site and that you’ve set up your nameservers correctly (if you needed to change them).