Domain vs Index

Each time I have updated my index.html and committed -

  • The changes show up correctly when I “view page source” in my browser for

  • The changes DO NOT show up when I “view page source” in my browser for, but the page itself shows correctly.

Explanation and fix, anyone?

It could be a cache issue? If you visited your site before making changes then it could be cached on your local machine. It’s also cached by GitHub’s CDN too, so you’ll be served an older version of the page. You can add some URL parameters (like ?123) to the end of the URL to see through it, or visit a URL that you haven’t visited recently.

Doesn’t seem to be cache. Have you tried it yourself? And if it looks ok to you, can you tell me what browser you use? Thanks so much.

Maybe you have other default page, please check it. If your repo contains that is another one, so remove that then wait and check it. I had the same experience.

Make sure also that you select main not gh-pages if you intend it to be read at the main branch, that will add another confusion.