Does the wiki of a private repo gets deleted when i downgrade to a free plan?

I currently have a student / Pro Account plan active and is currently thinking of downgrading my plan to free account. i know github provide private repo for free plan. But in my current private repo , i have wiki which is part of the pro plan features. So , if i downgrade my plan, will those wiki get deleted? or will be locked? I have plans to resume to pay for the pro plan after certain months. So after resuming to pro plan after certain months, will my wiki be available?

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Does anybody know if the wikis get deleted or just locked after downgrade (as private repos used to)?

My company went from Team to Free and now the wikis are gone.

If they would re-upgrade to Team again, would we be able to access previously existing wikis or are they gone forever?

@bmabir17 Have you been able to find out anything about this yourself?

Thank you.

It looks like the wiki data is still present, you just can’t view/navigate it on

I was able to clone the wikis for a few of my repos that I converted from public to private on the free plan using the directions given here.

While the repo was still private, I edited the wiki locally, committed the change, and was able to push it up to GitHub. Then I changed the repo from private back to public, and the committed change showed up. So the wiki is still there and functioning, it just doesn’t show up on GitHub without a paid plan. As soon as you upgrade your plan, they’ll show up again, exactly as they were.

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Thank you!
I got an answer from support, which clarified that the Wikis are not deleted, merely not accessible.
Your approach is still a great insight.

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