Does the Market Place shows all of the GitHub Actions?

When I visit the Marketplace and filter for Actions it appears that there are 5798 results.

But if I navigate over the pages listed (using the “Next” button at the bottom) I will eventually find the end, but by that I would have only seem around 1000 Actions and not the 5798.

How does Github count these actions? Does the Marketplace list all of the existent? Is there any Github API endpoint to get a list of them?

Definitely not: Publishing actions in GitHub Marketplace is a specific process. There can be any number of actions that are available in some repository, but not listed on the Marketplace because the repository owners didn’t go through that publishing process. I actually have one like that myself, mostly because I didn’t have time to look through the additional conditions. :wink:

Thanks for your reply, it’s good to know about that.
And would you have any guess on why it says there are 5k Actions on the Marketplace but I’m only able to see around 1k?