Does the GitHub Packages npm proxy no longer work?

There’s an official blog post detailing the launch of npm package proxying here: Proxying packages with GitHub Package Registry and other updates | The GitHub Blog

However, there doesn’t seem to be any official documentation of that feature (besides the blog post), and I’m unable to download any dependencies published to npmjs by using the registry url format in that blog post (adding my organization name to the end of the registry url)

The only other reference I could find to this feature is this topic from Dec 2020 (Github Package Registry scope conflict with proxy - #7 by lukeed) that ends with:

I have unmarked the solution, since somewhere down the line, the proxying portion of GHPR stopped working.

Since I wasn’t able to add the URL to the OP because of a limit, here’s the format I’m using for my registry config:<org-name>/

npm is able to download metadata about packages, but sends a 404/405 when downloading the actual package tarball.