Does [skip ci] prevent workflows on merges to branches, when such a commit is included?

Question regarding GitHub Actions: Skip pull request and push workflows with [skip ci] - GitHub Changelog

I started to use [skip ci] in some commits and I’ve staging branch. The staging branch was a bit behind master, and from master I made some feature branch.

Now I merged that feature branch into staging and in the merge some of the recent [skip ci] commits to master where included, naturally.

The staging branch has only a workflow to build container and stuff, but did not trigger.

Was this, because some commits being merged and thus pushed, contained this? Is this possible?

Basically it prevented us from auto-build-deploy to our staging area I think.

Thanks for any insights,

  • Markus
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Love replying to myself.

I had another scenario (different repository) were basically the same procedure was applied but there were no issues, i.e. the final github action workflow was correctly run even though in the merge commits [skip ci] appeared.

Not sure what to make of it at this point :wink: Will continue to observe.

But what be glad to understand in detail, when pushing (merge-) commits, how this factors into it.

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Hi, i’ve experienced the same.
I think it happens if you add [skip ci] right before the merge. So if the last commit before merge DOES NOT contain [skip ci] then it will NOT skip. I agree this should be made clear.
@mfn please confirm if your case was similar to mine :slight_smile:

I really can’t say anymore.

I went back to my git log history but can’t really make out anymore which constellation of commits it was.

I did back then quite often than usual use [skip ci] but basically stopped. Not sure why, didn’t often had the reason.

I also transitioned to more using the paths argument for when a workflow should be triggered.