Does GitHub Pages support folders starting with a dot?

Hi all,

I’d like to ask a question related to GH Pages.

I migrated my blog from Ghost to a statically generated sit, and I’m trying to deploy it with GH pages.

I have some routes in my blog where a route segment (thus the name of the corresponding folder starts with a dot).

For example the content for the page of the .net tag on my blog is here: blog/tags/.net at gh-pages · markvincze/blog (, but on the site it doesn’t work, it displays the GH Pages 404 screen: Page not found · GitHub Pages (
(The other tag pages, which don’t start with a dot, work properly.)

Is this not supported? Or should the . in the folder name be escaped with something else?


Hi @markvincze, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! It’s probably Jekyll that’s blocking that folder from being included in your deploy. Jekyll is run be default and ignores folders that start with certain characters.

It looks like you’re not using Jekyll so you can disable it by creating an empty file called .nojekyll in the root of your gh-pages branch. Once you’ve done that any folders starting with . should be included in your site build.

Hi @thomasshaped,

This fixed the problem, thanks a bunch!