Does GitHub Packages (dotnet nuget) supports to publish .snupkg?

Like, it supports to publish snupkg symbol package.

I think not at the moment. I already tried with

dotnet nuget add source --username [GithubUserName] --password [YourApiKey] --name github[UsernameOrOrganizationName]/index.json


dotnet nuget push --source github bin\Release\MyAwesomePackage.1.0.0.nupkg
dotnet nuget push --source github bin\Release\MyAwesomePackage.1.0.0.snupkg

The package itself is pushed, but the symbols aren’t, while there’s no feedback from the cli. Also when you’d look at a package from Microsoft (eg. you’ll see that there aren’t any symbol packages either

OK, thanks your reply.

Pieterjan via GitHub Support Community <>于2020年8月3日 周一16:53写道:

I’m afraid it doesn’t at the moment. There is an internal issue open about this.


I just tried to upload a snupkg to found out it’s currently not supported by GitHub packages.
Are there any plans on supporting this in the near future?

There aren’t any plans on support .snupkg files. Instead, I’d recommend embedding .pdb files in your .nupkg. You can do this by adding the following line to your package:


This is based on a recommendation by Bret Johnson at Microsoft. See here for more details:

I hope that helps!

Thanks for your response.
I’ve already tried that approach (based on that exact SO answer) when I found out GitHub doesn’t support snupkg files (yet).
But so far no luck, the debugger doesn’t step into the code from the package, while the pdb file is part of of the package.
But maybe it has to do with the fact that I’m using VS 2019 preview and net50.
So i’m going to retry with VS 2019 Pro and .net3.1 and netstandard2.1

FWIW: It had to do with the fact that the PDB files for .net core 3.0+ targets and .net5.0 are not copied to the bin folder.
The solution what made it work for me was

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Thanks for sharing. I’m sorry this turned out to be so tricky!