Does GitHub Packages (dotnet nuget) supports to publish .snupkg?

Like, it supports to publish snupkg symbol package.

I think not at the moment. I already tried with

dotnet nuget add source --username [GithubUserName] --password [YourApiKey] --name github[UsernameOrOrganizationName]/index.json


dotnet nuget push --source github bin\Release\MyAwesomePackage.1.0.0.nupkg
dotnet nuget push --source github bin\Release\MyAwesomePackage.1.0.0.snupkg

The package itself is pushed, but the symbols aren’t, while there’s no feedback from the cli. Also when you’d look at a package from Microsoft (eg. you’ll see that there aren’t any symbol packages either

OK, thanks your reply.

Pieterjan via GitHub Support Community <>于2020年8月3日 周一16:53写道:

I’m afraid it doesn’t at the moment. There is an internal issue open about this.