Does Github blacklist IP addresses?


Does Github blacklist IP’s? We have been trying to open but we aren’t able to do so.

All our corporate IP are being denied.

Our repositories are ok, we can use them, we haven’t received any notification. The only way for us to connect is using our hotspots?

Please advise

If your blocked access is via a corporate proxy its quite common for corporate corporate proxies to default block certain categories based on company policies such as site classification. As is classified as business/office application this category is often default blocked as it represents a data loss risk as company data can be exfiltrated moved outside the company network boundary.
Although if that is the reason it does not seem fully fully effective in your case if you are able to use a hotspot that is avoiding that control.

Thanks for the answer. After analyzing the packets of the communications between my network and the domain I became with the conclusion that Github servers were blocking us since the signal returned was hello and then reset packets.

I “found” the problem, as you correctly said, one of the corporate proxies were blocking the communication. When I was trying to bypass the proxy, I had to put it back because one of the patch cords were too short, so, I couldn’t bypass it. Immediately, everything started to work.

So, I don’t know yet what was the problem. It will require a little more of troubleshooting.

Thanks again

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Yes - we do indeed block some problematic IP addresses. This typically happens when we’ve detected malicious behaviour that can’t be stopped any other way. It’s a blunt instrument, and we use it as rarely as we can.

That said, if you were experiencing being blocked by us, you would see a specific GitHub error page. It wouldn’t be a matter of GitHub not loading for you - you’d load the page informing you that your IP address has been blocked.