Does github actions run on non mergable pull request

I have an action which runs on pull_request trigger. What happens with pull requests which are not mergable? Will the action still be triggered?

Hi @david-gang
Thanks for your feedback.
Yes, the action will still be triggered, because more than one activity type triggers this event. such as:

    types: [assigned, opened, synchronize, reopened]

More about pull_request activity types please refer here.

Can you please tell me which activity type is active in this case? Thanks

Hi @david-gang
I misunderstood you in the reply above. Sorry for that. I update the reply:
If there is a conflict, your action will not be triggered. It will be triggered until the conflict is resolved.

If you set the Branch protection rule and some Require status checks fail, the pull request is also in a non-mergable state. In this case, the action still be triggered as long as the pull request activity types are met.

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