Does GitHub Actions (cloud) allow running of ARM based instances?

When we run code online for testing with CI/CD, is there an option to make it so that our code can run on Ubuntu on ARM? I’m assuming that all existing OS options are all on x86

I’m not aware of any directly supported options. If you’re willing to build a somewhat complex workflow you could either set up a VM, or (for better performance) cross-compile and then use Qemu user space emulation to test ARM binaries in the runner system. Here’s a tutorial for Debian, it should be possible to adapt that to Ubuntu.

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Yes, the Ubuntu hosted runners provided by Github are all ‘x86_64’ architecture. If you’d like to run code on Ubuntu on ARM, you can create a self-hosted runner, and invoke it in the workflow.


@weide-zhou Thanks for clarification. Also can you run your own self hosted runners with a free account of GitHub or is this only a premium feature?

Hi @joshuarobs,

Free account can use self-hosted runner.
And it’s recommended to use self-hosted runner with private repository to avoid malicious code from fork. Please refer to the link for more details.