Does Git Enable Regression Testing Only?

I work for a software company that does a lot of client customizations on top of our base code/product. I know you can use Git (and now Actions in Git) to set up automated regression testing. What I’m unclear about is if you can use automated testing in Git to test a customization - or perhaps what it may do is check if the customization messes up base code via regression testing. When I think about a custom feature, and automating testing, I think what I’m most unclear on is if you can automate the unit test for a customization within Git. Thanks for any help.

There’s no fundamental technical difference between regression tests and feature tests. In both cases you write the test code and make it run with whatever CI (Continuous Integration) mechanism you choose.

I think part of the confusion might be confusion about what Git is, and what Github is. Git is a distributed revision control system, it tracks the changes in your source code and lets you merge (check the Git Book for more details). Github builds on Git to offer code hosting, and some additional features. Github Actions is one of those additional features, and is one option to do CI for code in a Git repository.

So, in short, if you want to run regression and feature tests using Actions:

  • Write your tests, regression and feature tests alike, and commit them.
  • Create an Actions workflow that builds your product and runs all the tests.