Does gha bill for data transfer?

For example, do I get billed for uploading / downloading artifact?

I saw this here:

At the end of the month, GitHub rounds your data transfer to the nearest GB.

Don’t know what that’s for.

Is your repository public, or is it private but you use a self-hosted runner? Then no, it’s free. There are limitations for private repositories that use GitHub-hosted runners on a free plan, however.

GitHub Actions usage is free for both public repositories and self-hosted runners. For private repositories, each GitHub account receives a certain amount of free minutes and storage […]

In the latter case, you get 500 MB for free. If you need more, then you have to pay. Artifacts do count as storage:

The storage used by a repository is the total storage used by GitHub Actions artifacts and GitHub Packages.

I just want to clarify the question: it’s about data transfer, not storage. I get the impression that you’re talking about storage (In fact you do mention storage, but if that relates to data transfer somehow then please tell me).

My bad. It’s peculiar that the docs mention data transfer once on the page, but nothing else about traffic. Looking at Viewing your GitHub Actions usage - GitHub Docs I get the impression “data transfer” refers to the minutes spent?!

I vaguely remember some footnote that said that internal traffic (which would include artifacts) is included for free, but I can’t find it anymore and also nothing else about network egress. You may want to reach out to sales to get clarity on this.

Thanks for clarifying, I’ll ask sales and post the reply here when I have time.

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This is the reply from support

All data transferred out, when triggered by GitHub Actions, and data transferred in from any source is free. We determine you are downloading packages using GitHub Actions when you log in to GitHub Packages using a GITHUB_TOKEN .
Your account on the free plan receives 1 GB of free included data transfer per month.
About billing for GitHub Packages - GitHub Docs

So there you go: it’s not billed.

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Thanks! As per the docs, GitHub Packages is also free for public repos and you get 1 GB / month of egress traffic for private repos, but GitHub Actions downloading your private GitHub Packages does not count towards that limit (as long as you use the GITHUB_TOKEN).

I opened a docs issue: GitHub Actions data transfer is not billed, but mentioned in the docs · Issue #7569 · github/docs · GitHub

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Found the statement that I remembered on this page: GitHub Packages: Your packages, at home with their code · GitHub

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