Does adding outsiders to an open-source team require paid seats?

I have an organisation on the Team plan.

I have a number of public open-source repos, and would like to create a team of people that has admin access to those repos.

And I would like to add people to the team who are not part of the organisation.

Do I need to pay for seats to add them to the team, even if it’s only for public repos?

The alternative is to give them admin access as individuals to each repo, which requires no paid seats, but is much more manual work.

Hi @hugovk - great question thanks for asking!

If an organization is on a paid plan, there is no way to split access because paying members and free members. However, if you add them to the public repos as outside collaborators they would not need a paid seat.

Seat access is designated as the following:

These users fill a seat:

  • Organization members and owners
  • Pending invitations
  • Outside collaborators with access to 1 or more private repositories

These users do not fill a seat:

  • Outside collaborators with access to only public repositories
  • Billing managers

That’s a shame we can’t also create (free) open source teams in an organisation on a paid plan.

Manually adding people individually to each and every repo is pretty tedious and laborious.

I guess another workaround is to move all the open source repos out of our paid-plan org and into a dedicated open-source repo.

Anyway, thanks for the reply!

Thanks for sharing your workaround ideas with the community. I understand that this was not the outcome you hoped for, but I welcome you to submit feedback on your ideal state via the new GitHub Feedback Discussions forum so that our product team can track your request :slight_smile:.