Does a 'Neutral' check run conclusion satisfy a required check?

Check runs can complete with a Neutral conclusion.  Does that conclusion satisfy a required check?  In other words, since it’s not a failure, can a PR with a required check be merged with a Neutral conclusion?

As it states in the required status checks documentation:

After enabling required status checks, all required status checks must pass before branches can be merged into the protected branch.

This means that all required checks must succeed.

I hope that helps!

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Thank you, @lee-dohm.  Elsewhere I was told something slightly different:
“success” and “neutral” are OK to deploy and merge.  “failure” and “error” are not.

checked this scenario today (May 5, 2020) and the answer is YES.


Hmm, I read through the documentation today, it is still unclear to me if “skipped” and/or “neutral” will satisfy the required checks