not supporting dark theme (yet)

When accessing do they currently not reflect the user’s theme setting.
If you have set the theme to dark, or your system default is dark, then the docs still appear in white, which may hurt the eyes when you spend quite some time on GitHub with Dark theme and then switch to the docs to f.e. look up how to configure a workflow or similar.

Any workarounds?
The only workaround I can think of is to use extensions like Dark Reader.
DR in particular does have some downsides tho as it only affects the whole domain and not a specific subdomain alone (Not until they merge #4291 and make a release anyway), so this would also affect the main domain and make it look worse…

I hope that will soon join the theme change.


Hi @andre601! Thanks for sharing this feedback on docs dark mode support. We intentionally scoped out our docs for the initial beta release of dark mode so don’t have a natively supported workaround. While we don’t have a timeframe, support for matching user theme preferences in our docs is definitely something we are considering. I will share this feedback with our docs team as well!

GitHub Dark Mode Beta looks excellent, but it should be made available for other GitHub parts, such as GitHub Docs:

Similar to how Microsoft Docs offers a switch between a Light and a Dark Theme.

Thanks @ijula for sharing this with us! We weren’t able to get our docs to support dark mode for the initial beta release but have it in our backlog to explore updating with the docs team