Docker Push to Package Registry from Windows

Not sure if this is related to

since I get a different error:

“received unexpected HTTP status: 500 Internal Server Error”

This is from a Windows instance (windows-2019).

I tried using secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN as well as a personal token.

Both result in “Login Successfull” but then

The push refers to repository []
d1edc7982a4e: Preparing
12d693b2a815: Preparing
4c5ecf0b5272: Preparing
efbf4d5fd5e2: Preparing
bdcc25c21c05: Preparing
5c35e62eac22: Preparing
f1e2003fb29f: Preparing
9b371eaeba5c: Preparing
e1791151e462: Preparing
c4d02418787d: Preparing
9b371eaeba5c: Waiting
e1791151e462: Waiting
c4d02418787d: Waiting
5c35e62eac22: Waiting
f1e2003fb29f: Waiting
12d693b2a815: Pushed
d1edc7982a4e: Pushed
f1e2003fb29f: Pushed
bdcc25c21c05: Pushed
e1791151e462: Skipped foreign layer
c4d02418787d: Skipped foreign layer
5c35e62eac22: Pushed
9b371eaeba5c: Pushed
4c5ecf0b5272: Pushed
efbf4d5fd5e2: Pushed
received unexpected HTTP status: 500 Internal Server Error
##[error]Process completed with exit code 1.

In an earlier iteration it would actually create an image (without tag?!) but still errors out.

Just tried; works flawlessly so I assume it is still a problem with the packages service.

We are now seeing the exact same issue with, so we are believing this might indeed be an issue with your service.

Please compare:

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Magically after two days it started working.