Docker push image fails with PAT

Hi Github Community :wave:

I’m currently trying to push a Docker image I’ve build locally to my org. on github, I’ve followed this guide: Working with the Container registry - GitHub Docs

After I’ve logged in successfully and build my container that runs locally fine. But after I’ve tagged my image and wanted to use docker push i get the following error

docker image push{MyOrgName}/{MyImageName}:v1

The push refers to repository [{MyOrgName}/{MyImageName}]
2459772e2d8f: Preparing
a2b128412e7b: Preparing
e2eb06d8af82: Preparing
denied: permission_denied: create_package

Some extra information:

  • I’m the Org. Owner
  • I use a github PAT with scopes: repo:all, package:read,write,delete

I’ve figured it out i had a /io to much.

After 2 hrs staring at the same lines in my terminal some times you just gotta push it to a community to get the public eyes of shame and then figure it out your self! :smiley:

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