Docker push error

I experince an issues with docker push step at Github Actions building linux container with .NET Core app inside.

At the step where actually push to github registry happens, runner returns error: 

name unknown: The expected resource was not found.

##[error]Process completed with exit code 1.

This problem occurs even if I’m trying to push an image form my local machine

My assumption, that issue might be related to recent rename of my repository and whole account (change capital letters to the same lowercase letters in account and repo name). 

Can, someone help with this issues?

I read all related topics and I’m 100500% shure that problem is not image name, docker version, windows container, empty space or traffic limits in my account, and other similar stuff, discussed here.

Finally fixied the issue with a trick. What helped me - is tu make repo public, run build action - i bacame green and all steps ran smoothly, after that I switched repo back to private and my pipeline bacame green.

This costs me half a day of investigation, hopefully my experience save someone hours of stupit investigation with github action issue