Docker pull error

Docker can’t pull specific image from private docker registry. Checked from different servers.
Looks like a problem with one image layer.
docker pull myregistry.domain/tac-admin:latest
latest: Pulling from tac-admin
b64d440dc3ae: Verifying Checksum
d56b291f7fd0: Download complete
172cb688d40d: Download complete
87d2b2825919: Download complete
d50c31376757: Download complete
dfdfd5b26599: Download complete
504e365491e5: Download complete
f4a4cbe08ccc: Download complete
37f3b7d1d829: Download complete
07bb98b97f4b: Download complete
f1efbb6eb155: Download complete
filesystem layer verification failed for digest ha256:b64d440dc3aea36685cfb9a943d513cbcab94e7d8c2137811f4988f344062748

I tried to move this directory under blobs and run garbage collector.
Is there a possibility to repair this image?

Any help will be appreciated.


What runner are you using in your workflow? Self-hosted runner or GitHub-hosted runner?
Did you try to pull the same image on your local environment? Did the same problem occur?

If you are using a Self-hosted runner, you can try to rebuild the image with the following steps to see if the problem can be solved:

  1. Build with the options below to remove the cache and checksum.
docker build --rm=true --no-cache --disable-content-trust=true -t <image-name> .
docker tag <image-name> <hostname>:<port>/<image-name>
docker push --disable-content-trust=true <hostname>:<port>/<image-name>
  1. Try to docker pull the image to see if it work.

  2. If above step 2 can work, use normal operation to build the image.

docker build -t <image-name> .
docker tag <image-name> <hostname>:<port>/<image-name>
docker push <hostname>:<port>/<image-name>
  1. Try to pull the image to see if it can work.

In addition, I found few earlier reported tickets about the similar issue, maybe you can reference to them and get some more help.

Can not say what kind of runner it is.
My private registry run under k8s, using image registry:latest ( ).
The problematic docker image was taken from running container by “docker commit” command and pushed to local registry about a year ago.


Please try to pull the same image on your local environments.

  • If you can pull image successfully on your local environments or other machines, there may be some issue on the environments for the GitHub runners.
    In this situation, I will help you report this problem to the appropriate engineering team for further investigation and evaluation.

  • If you also fail to pull this image on your local environments or other machines, the problem should occur on the image itself or the Docker Hub.
    In this situation, you may need to contact the special support on Docker Hub.

Thank you so much for your help.
I can’t pull image from any other environment either. This is definitely a problem with the image itself.
How do I contact Docker Hub special support?


I recommend that you can look for an existing topic or start a new one in the Docker community forums’s Docker Hub board.

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