Docker not working

Today my GitHub actions isn’t able to complete succesfully because suddenly there are issues starting the docker container.
The strange thing is that I didn’t change anything except the source code.
I really can’t figure out why I’m getting an error. Could it be a cache problem?

This is the command:

docker run --rm -v ${pwd}:/ts-luxon -w /***/ts-luxon ***/ts-luxon ./docker/

But it fails with this error:

docker: Error response from daemon: OCI runtime create failed: invalid mount {Destination::/ts-luxon Type:bind Source:/var/lib/docker/volumes/edd728cda79ecb1813555a3edf503bac68dd0c7a7d5ca9b34c05578641a64665/_data Options:[rbind]}: mount destination :/ts-luxon not absolute: unknown.

I discovered that there was an incident related, but it seems to be solved now.
I think there might still be something wrong.

If you want to mount the current working directory, you need to either use ${PWD} (capitals) for the environment variable, or $(pwd) to run the pwd command and use its output. :wink:

Thank you! I’ll try right away. But why did it use to work??

I’m speechless. It works. Thanks a lot! It would have taken years for me to find that!

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