Docker network DNS

due to the following restrictions on docker inside a workflow:

  • not being able to use any of the github syntax ${{ }} to define docker images names or tags
  • not being able to overwrite the entrypoint of a service

I have to run some containers using docker run directly inside the steps of my job.

I have a mix of services and containers that I started myself. I noticed that whichever network my containers are started in, being the host, default or ${{ }}, only the services names resolve.
The name of my own containers are never added to the docker internal dns.

The end result is that my containers can reach the services but cannot reach each other. This is the only workaround I have found to the issues mentioned above and without it, it is completely impossible to run end to end test on docker images.

So does the runner do anything with the internal docker DNS? Is there a way for the containers that I start to be reachable? I tried to start my containers on either or host network but in both cases, I haven’t been able to connect from one container to the other.