Docker layer caching

Even tho it’s marked as solved in other threads, docker layer caching isn’t solved.

We switched from CircleCI to Github Actions and our builds went up in time sometimes 10x.

When is this planned to be resolved?

It should also work in a way where storage is calcualted according to layers so it doesn’t suddenly charges us tons.



Thanks @nadavshatz . Github currently doesn’t have a model to support docker layer caching.

Could you please let me know more about ‘storage is calcualted according to layers’? 

I’m aware it’s not currently supported and that’s why I wrote  when will it be ready.

Stating the obvious is unhelpful and clutters the thread. please avoid that.

Thank you

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Hi @nadavshatz ,

What do you mean ‘storage is calcualted according to layers’? How it works? Could you please explain more and i will confirm with Github then.


The first question is trying to get timing to a crucial feature which is proper support to docker layer caching.

Once that will be done - the cost of storage is going to be extremely large unless existing layers won’t be count twice when building from a different VM.

Let me know if things are still unclear.


Any update by any chance?

Sorry for late response @nadavshatz ! It could be a new feature to Github Actions, sorry that currently I don’t have any timeline to share yet.

It’s recommended to confirm here where Github Actions Product Manager looks at  product feedback. Thanks a lot!

Thank you - I reached out through support!

No, Docker layer caching wasn’t addressed at all.

Some ideas I want to test later, in the meantime:

  • Using private custom Github action runners on our own (AWS/GCE), with some shared volumes to store the docker data stuff…
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sounds cool but a bit complicated - let me know how it works if you get it working please!

Any news from Github? This seems something that should be supported.

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With the upcoming reduction of free minutes for Teams, this is becoming more of a concern.

Our builds can run 3-4 times faster with automatic docker layer caching. I don’t mind paying for the storage of that cache, it just doesn’t make sense to keep paying for minutes, for things that can run faster and are out of my control.

I know the free minutes reduction came with a significant reduction of team seat price, which is nice, but still - I would imagine that fixing the docker layer caching issue should come before messing around with the free minutes quota.


This is resolved? Can we cache job: container: images?

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