Docker latest tag not pulling the newest version published a couple days ago

I’m running tests of my Swift library on the latest Swift version on Linux. The latest tag was updated to version 5.2 about 3 days ago and my test run 18 hours ago resolved to the previous latest, version 5.1.5

Docker Hub:

Current latest tag points to here:

Test run with previous latest:

@cyberbeni ,

I tested just now, and using " image: swift:latest" can pull the latest version  swift-5.2 on my side.

I noticed that the release (to Docker Hub ) time of the latest version  swift-5.2  is 3 days ago from now (see here), and your latest workflow run also was running at 3 days ago from now. Almost the same date.

I think, when you triggered the workflow run, the latest  swift-5.2  may have not been really released to Docker Hub at that time, so the workflow run still was using the old version  swift-5.1.5  . However, the latest  swift-5.2  should work now, please check it on your side.

@cyberbeni ,

how are things going? Have you tried again to check if the swift version is v5.2 now on the image?

if you have any question about this ticket, feel free to tell me.

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Yes, it is 5.2 now.