I tried to execute deepo with jupyterlab in docker with nohup
I set up things with config file and set password with ipython
and execute under instruction
root@~:nohup jupyter lab --ip ~.~.~.~ &
but only

[1] (numbers)
root@~:/# nohup: ignoring input and appending output to ‘nohup.out’

came out and if I press enter, and it goes back to root@~~~: .
I check runnig server list with ‘jupyter notebook list’ instruction, but nothing came out

I tried only
jupyter lab --ip ~.~.~.~
and it runs, and I can login in firefox browser. under output line helps me:
[I 2021-02-24 ~ ServerApp] http://~.~.~.~:(numbers)/lab

I set my config file as

c.NotebookApp.password = ‘sha1:~~~~’

so may I ask what should I have to do to execute with nohup?

and another question:where can I see how to write jupyterlab’s file??

Why do you want to run with nohup? Detaching from the terminal is exactly what it’s supposed to do.