Docker creation not working in github , but working fine locally and testing with act

Hello everybody.

I have something unusual happening on my workflow (snmpcollector/nightly-docker-image.yml at 5eee6a2fc2cc7ec62759500f83e340f014221049 路 toni-moreno/snmpcollector 路 GitHub) needed to create a nightly docker image.
Dockerfile is working fine at home, and also working fine with act (GitHub - nektos/act: Run your GitHub Actions locally 馃殌), but no working on github.
here the error in github.

Step 9/30 : RUN go run build.go  build
 ---> Running in 46912de9faac
exit status 128
exit status 1
The command '/bin/sh -c go run build.go  build' returned a non-zero code: 1
::error::Command failed: docker build -f Dockerfile -t***/snmpcollector:nightly .

But locally and testing with act seem to be working everything ok.

 Step 9/30 : RUN go run build.go  build
|  ---> Running in 037a6dd91147
| Version: 0.10.0, Linux Version: 0.10.0, Package Iteration: 
| rm -r public
| rm -r /go/pkg/linux_amd64/
| rm -r ./bin/snmpcollector
| rm -r ./bin/snmpcollector.md5
| GOPATH=/go
| go version
| go version go1.16 linux/amd64
| go build -ldflags -w -X -X -X -v -o ./bin/snmpcollector ./pkg/

The error seems to be with docker build .

I鈥檓 tested different docker builders but all failing in the same place.

Any idea on what I鈥檓 doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.

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Hello again. Still with this issue鈥 and no idea on how to fix ( the problem seems on the command RUN go run build.go build in dockerfile while building the image ). There is any other place/github support perhaps to get help about this problem? (