Docker containers rtorrent/sonarr/radarr nas volume help

Originally a friend basically setup my synology nas system the docker containers for rtorrent radarr sonarr and everything.

he is not able to help me currently and i have an issue and i don’t know anything about this stuff so was hoping maybe someone could help walk me through what i would like to do next.

When we set this up the original hdd we made it the wrong raid and not realizing that when i filled up the original hdd with movies and tv shows i bought a 2nd one to increase the storage space to find out that we did it wrong and its acting as a redundancy instead of increasing capacity.

what i would like to do instead of backing up 10tb of data i would simply like to switch to the 2nd volume i created (which i made JBOD) to sonarr and radarr and rtorrent and leave the original volume 1 alone and was wondering if anyone could help walk me through that once again i know know nothing about this stuff so i would greatly appreciate if there was someone patient enough to help