Docker Action release tagging and docker image tags

We have a Docker action github-sync that uses github container registry see container images.

Our actions.yml looks likes:

  using: 'docker'
  image: docker://

Right now if I tag and publish v2.3, users of this version of my action will be pulling docker:// regardless of the v2.3 they specify in their workflow.

So workflows that uses: repo-sync/github-sync@v2.3 will actually use docker:// instead of :v2.3.

I’m hoping to not have to update the docker image version in action.yml before every tag and release. Is there a better pattern to match up the action tag and docker image tag on tag and release, i.e. repo-sync/github-sync@v2.3 -> docker://

Thank you!

Hi @wei,

Action tag and image tag are different, but both need to be hardcoded.

You cannot match up them automatically, have to specify exact tag in workflow for action and image tag in action.yaml metadata file.


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